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Industrial Water Treatment

With 40 years experience we know how to treat your water.

Unclassified Biocide Booster

With new technology we present the future of biocides. An intelligent booster chemical that will kill bacteria but also prevent biofilm to grow through advanced antimicrobial defence system.

Intelligent Biocide tablets

Smart soloution to be used in smaller water systems. An effecient tablet that will kill bacteria but also attack biofilm in tthe system. Easy to use, store and environmental friendly.


Winova Technology AB is a family owned company since 2006 focusing on developing innovative green products in microbiology and water treatment.

We produce our own products which have high environmental profile while they have high efficiency and are cost effective. All products are manufactured under ISO 9000 and ISO 14000. Today we sell including our unique biocide tablet to five different countries.

The owners are Ulf Wilhelmsson, who has over 35 years experience in water chemistry in various positions in Europe / Scandinavia and Philip Wilhelmsson, who is a trained microbiologist / biochemist.

We are expanding our business to India and Thailand and are in the search for more cooperations in Europe.


Latest News

2012-04-20 CleanTech Malmö

Winova Technology AB have been asked to display an permantly exhibit to show our green products at Clean Tech Malmö.


2012-03-20 Winova invited to India to discuss water

During 4 days owner mr. Ulf Wilhelmsson have been in Bangalore, India to discuss water projects. See picture here:


2011-02-30 WinovaPlus CT-80 approved by Matilsynet

Matilsynet in Norway have approved our biocide booster WinovaPlus to be used in drinking water applications.


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